“Personal Notes” is the most popular daily feature in the DMS. Each day Donnie ends the show with a personal message of inspiration and encouragement. We also have CD’s available for sale that offer 60 Personal Notes on the CD. Perhaps a sponsor would like to have their logo on the cover art?

“Stumper” Stumper is the second most popular segment on the DMS. Donnie claims to know every cartoon jingle ever written so Stumper a rusty old junk yard robot tries to stump Donnie with cartoon jingle trivia. This feature is sort of like name that tune.

“It’s Email Time” Donnie simply answers an email question from a listener.

“Word of the Day” Recorded directly from Pastor Donnie’s church services we provide a inspirational message to our listeners this is accompanied by a video companion piece that we post on FB and donnieradio.com

“Friday Funnies” Christian comedians share their jokes with our listeners.

“Power Pick Of the Week” Donnie selects a song that he believes is a hit regardless of what the powers that be dictate and gives a new artist a little air time.

“Kid Bits” Donnie loves kids and Kid Bits can range from Donnie having a funny conversation with a kid because after all they say the darndest things, to creating a song with a kid.

“Sing Along With Donnie” We post one of Donnie’s songs on line for listeners to download minus the vocal track and then they sing along to it and send it back to us. Donnie will then sing along with that recording live on the show.

“Wellness Wednesday” Donnie gives tips on leading a healthier lifestyle.

“Ask Donnie” Donnie takes a listener question via video phone. We post the video responses from Donnie on FB as well as air the audio on the show.

“Ask Donnie to Ask a Star” This is a twist on the Ask Donnie Feature that allows a listener to Ask Donnie to ask a Star a question.

“AOK” (Acts of Kindness) Donnie works with Pastors from around the country to seek out special people who perform Acts of Kindness just because it’s the right thing to do. Inspired by CNN’s Hero’s.

“I Choose to be Dancing Kids contest” The best interpretation of Donnie’s song in any art form wins.

“Heart of Gold” This feature is similar to AOK but this one does not work directly with the Pastors.

“Mystery Guest” This is also a listener favorite, in this feature we disguise the voice of a Gospel Celebrity and Donnie tries to guess who it is by asking them questions. Kind of like the old TV show What’s my Line.

“Smile” Listeners submit a photo of their best smile brought to you by Colgate.


# “Living History” Living History focuses on the African American heroes who made a difference. This generally runs during Black History Month. https://facebook.com/photo.php?v=390306988327&set=vb.271856117448
# “Join the Band” Become a member of Donnie’s band. https://facebook.com/photo.php?v=127737923927600&set=vb.271856117448