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Dora Lewis

Christmas Classic By Rhode Island’s Jenna Sousa!

Not only is Oceanic Tradewinds recording artist Jenna Sousa one of the fastest rising stars on YouTube, she also is a remarkable songwriter. After being bored one recent night, she opened Garageband and recorded ‘Dancing In The Snow,’ her first original Christmas song that industry insiders are calling a Christmas classic. Check out the track below and share with a friend this Holiday season!

In the last couple of months, Jenna has gained upwards of 250,000 views on YouTube and more than 7 thousand subscribers. With more than 2.5 million YouTube views, Jenna boasts an engagement time that is 300% higher than the average user. She is no stranger to songwriting either. As a child growing up in Rhode Island, Jenna won 27 consecutive talent shows. She penned her first song at age 5 and had her first song published at age 12, which was the first time she signed an International record deal.