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Dora Lewis

Creatively Connecting Personalities/Influencers with Brands

What is the overall goal and mission statement of THE CREATIVE INFLUENCE SHOP?  What is the void in the marketplace and how can we fill it?


The current advertising marketplace is stagnant, boring , and for the most part non-creative.  Within most traditional and non-traditional media including radio, most advertisers are forced to work from the same old school playbook that is now outdated. At each media outlet, there have been significant cutbacks meaning very little TLC for each ad client.  With fewer AE’s virtually everywhere, there is less time and manpower to customize and specialize to a client’s needs, which directly affects a client’s ability to reach their advertising goals.

What can we do to help and personalize this experience?
What services can we provide? Why us?

1) Best Understanding and Access to the Most Influential Media Personalities in Atlanta and beyond. We will help your brand and/or company source talent through our Influencer specialists who have the deepest relationships with all the talent whether it be at Urban radio, other formats, or other mediums. Our inside knowledge ensures that the authenticity of the influencer is matched with the authenticity of the brand. Hence, by leveraging this intimate relationship between the influencer and their followers, the brand is properly and effectively aligned to a superbly crafted campaign which will drive trust, build awareness, and convert consumers.

2) Integrating Personality based media ad campaigns with creative and impactful advertising strategies to foster memorable results and brand building. When you know the Urban and other Influencers personally and have their trust, you are best able to leverage  goodwill, ideas, and overall support.

3) Full-service creative think tank inclusive of copy creation, music, video, and digital production.  We have Full access to Grammy Award winning music producers, directors, and artists. There is nothing creatively that can’t be accomplished. When you hear or see that next great ad, don’t be surprised if it is conceived, executed, and distributed by Creative Influence.

4) Cost-effective media buying based upon relationships, access, and knowledge of the inner workings of all potential vendors and or customers. We know all the players on the deepest level and can best navigate what can be a confusing and very impersonal playing field. With most companies dealing with horrific financials and its affiliated pressures, it takes a skilled surgeon to dissect and operate in this wounded and challenging atmosphere.

5) Expertise in developing campaigns around the community while integrating PR. We specialize in executing campaigns as we partner the right talent with the specific outreach and/or cause that best fits the talent. Hence, we are able to attach the right brands and companies to the right overall platform and initiative.

6) Access to exclusive music content for campaign licensing. Our access even includes unreleased music masters from the Jacksons.

Creative Influence. We create influence for your brand as we grow your business!  We Are Next Generation Influencer Marketing Specialists with an advanced degree in the Urban Marketplace. What does this all mean besides a better understanding?

– Better Creative
– Better Planning
– Better Access
– Better Media Value
– Better Results


There is a growing disconnect between advertisers and their vendors and how to impact the marketplace in today’s new economy. So, how do we best fill the void?

1) We create memorable promotions and events. Because there is less connection, understanding and collaboration between advertisers and the appropriate vendors such as radio, TV, and digital outlets, advertisers are asking for more value added without the knowledge of how and what is real currency as part of the overall ASK. Specifically, Advertisers want memorable promotions and measurable results.  So, when stations and/or media outlets offer the same generic programs over and over again, they are not adapting properly to the changing times. Hence, they need a creative push by a team with the experience and vision to make a strategic change happen.

2) We creatively and cost-effectively build the creative!  We are not going to over price on the creative. We produce a campaign priced affordably by the best the business has to offer .

3) If you want to connect to the urban or other audiences, we are going to connect you with the right personality attached to the right creative reaching out cost effectively influencing the right audience. We will integrate the personalities social following into the ad campaign.  You will be presented authentically in all media inclusive of radio and/or TV all aligned perfectly with the influencers digital community. It will feel like a full-fledged endorsement for your company, but it will be natural and not forced because of our knowledge of your company and our recommended talent. Therefore, the results will be larger with more measurable impact on your brand.  We make everything authentic so it feels true within the community.

4) By partnering you with Events and Cause related initiatives, we will find the right organizations to connect you with as we increase your brand awareness behind and/or backing the right causes. In essence, we will solicit and choose the right partners for any campaign as we work within the community to attach your brand to any relevant and timely cause related initiatives.

5) As we partner you with causes, we target the best Urban and other Influencers that can lift your brand around the appropriate cause related initiatives. Personalities like connecting with causes, but their passion is not always in alignment with the media partners and/or radio station’s passion. By being the talent’s advocate, we will help build out events that foster the right relationships for talent with organizations and brands. We will marry each advertising client with the events and bring the whole package to radio and/or other key media partners. All this means the advertiser gets more bang for their buck because of the heightened awareness of aligning everyone’s objectives and goals simultaneously. The end result is meaningful and lasting relationships with the audience one is trying to capture.

6) Most Vendors/ Media Partners (like radio stations) are selling digital separately. This can’t be done in a vacuum and needs to be part of an overall integrated strategy. We make that happen on steroids.

7) We help find the best contacts at each vendor location. We help build every aspect of your ad campaign to insure that we leave no stone unturned enroute to a winning strategy.