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Dora Lewis

RAMP News: Radio Excited For The Return Of Wendy Williams

Wendy Williams‘ name recently started buzzing around in radio circles again after she announced her interest to return to the medium where she had enjoyed a successful 23-year run. Eight years ago Williams made the transition to television, and her Emmy-nominated show attracts some 2.4 million daily viewers, but she apparently harbors a desire to slap on the headphones once again. We spoke with Gary Bernstein, who is representing Wendy to radio and digital — he told us she’s wanted to come back for awhile, but that desire reached its peak last year when Wendy made the radio rounds to promote her 20-plus city Comedy Tour.

Bernstein tells us there are at least 10 companies right now that are seriously interested in being in the Wendy Williams business, via either a syndicated radio and or digital play — a potential deal that could produce one of the largest media content deals in a while. Bernstein commented, “It’s great for radio to have a real superstar coming back. I can think of at least two formats where Wendy can have an immediate seismic impact.” You are advised to watch this space for further details.

Source: RAMP