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Dora Lewis

Stunning Xmas Cover By Oceanic Tradewinds’ Jenna Sousa

Jenna Sousa is one of the fastest rising stars on YouTube, where she gained more than 6-thousand subscribers and almost half a million views last month alone. Even more impressive is the fact that Jenna is an incredible songwriter capable of penning amazing songs in minutes.

Later this week, Jenna will reveal an original Christmas song that is bound to be a hit. Meanwhile, check out this cover she just recorded live in one take with absolutely no editing and with no mic.

This Rhode Island based recording artist has won 27 consecutive talent competitions over the years and recorded her first song at age 5. Additionally, she scored her first international record deal at age 12, and now at age 18, is ready to take that next step with details to be announced in the very near future!

Jenna Sousa is the real deal! Listen to her cover below and share with us your comments!