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Ratings Proven! Fun! Entertaining! Inspirational!

Simply the best produced and highest performing program in the history of its genre customized for both Inspirational and all flavors of Urban radio. The powerful combination of inspiration , entertainment , and out-of-the-box creative programming has set a new gold standard for success in Urban Syndication.  It’s airing and #1 in most of the major markets including NYC and Philly.


The Donnie McClurkin Show

1 Hour Daily ShowThe latest hit gospel music plus interviews and PPM-friendly Benchmarks – Contemporary format

The Donnie McClurkin Gospel Gold Show

1 Hour Daily Show Donnie tells stories while playing the greatest hits of the format  – Gospel Gold format

A Personal Note (Bonus with either Daily Show)

Daily Vignette that will educate and inspire (1 min.)



The Donnie McClurkin Weekend Show

Available in 2 Hour or 3 Hour Shows – Contemporary format complete with PPM-friendly benchmarks

The Donnie McClurkin Gospel Gold Weekend Show

2 Hour Show – Gospel Gold format where Donnie digs in his crates to play the top testing Gold favorites



The Donnie McClurkin programs are expanding to meet the growing needs of our affiliates for ratings-proven and advertiser-friendly programming. Airing on the biggest Urban and Inspirational radio stations in the country for the past 16 years including WBLS NYC, WDAS Philadelphia, WPZE Atlanta, and WPRS in Washington DC just to name a few, the programming has grown to include two daily one-hour shows (one for the contemporary format and another for Gospel Gold), weekend programming for 2 and 3 hours in the Contemporary format and 2 hours in the new Gold format,  and the award-winning short form Personal Note now being offered as a bonus for either weekday offering.

Power of the Donnie Radio Brand

Gospel Gold Show

The Donnie McClurkin Show Award-Winning Benchmark Features:

  • Prayer Requests – Donnie takes prayer requests from listeners via email and online submission
  • What Would Donnie Do – Donnie offers faith-based scriptural insight into issues facing all of us
  • Words to Live By – Donnie catches his fans flat-footed with surprise visits from their favorite artists.
  • Personal Notes –  A daily feature providing listeners with positive and inspirational daily affirmations.
  • Word of the Day – It’s recorded live directly from Donnie’s church services.
  • Friday Funnies – A dynamic weekly presentation spotlighting comedians from all around the country.
  • Artist Interviews – Donnie speaks with the legends of gospel music from an insider perspective.
  • Stumper – Donnie is a self-proclaimed expert in the study of cartoon jingles.  He claims he can out-stump Stumper the junkyard robot by correctly guessing any cartoon jingle from the 60s and beyond with just the smallest of hints. This is funny and showcases Donnie’s mainstream appeal.
  • Contesting / Sing Along With Donnie – An exciting part of the Donnie McClurkin Show is Sing Along with Donnie where he gives unsigned artists an opportunity to be heard.
  • Surprise Sessions –  A show favorite where an unsuspecting artist gets a surprise visit from Donnie.


All versions of the Donnie McClurkin radio shows will continue to be available through Mr. Master’s AIM Basic Software for continued fast and easy distribution. FTP Delivery will also be available for those who need it.


  • The Donnie McClurkin Facebook accounts have a total of 2.2 million likes.
  • The Donnie McClurkin Show Twitter account has over 507,000 followers.
  • To date, the Donnie McClurkin Show YouTube account has accumulated over 3.8 million views.
  • With the recent launch of audioBoom, where segments of the Donnie McClurkin Show became accessible through the app, it has already gained over 11,000 listens.




The Donnie McClurkin Show celebrates virtually every major holiday and then some. Touching stories from celebrities and fans are featured in every show. From Moms and Dads to veterans and celebrities, they all share special memories and stories about friends and loved ones and reflect on what the holidays mean to them.

For Affiliate Information, Contact:
Gary Bernstein
President/COO, Oceanic Tradewinds

Benchmarks Spotlight

Celebrity Reel with Surprise Sessions with TV Focus

A Personal Note


Heart of Gold

Birthday Bash

Donnie Sing-Along