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The Future Of Urban Radio


With over 30 years experience in all aspects of radio, Rick Party is a ratings juggernaut and brand leader/innovator. He is currently heard by over 200 million people in 60 countries, heard on ESPN weekdays for SportsCenter at 6pm, and the newly anointed voice of the Air National Guard.

As a teenager, Rick Party started his radio career in the 80’s under the tutelage of his mentors Earl Boston (WBMX) Chicago, and at the Columbia School of Broadcasting with Bruce Davis and Harv Roman. They took a chance on the young teen by giving him a radio show at WCYC 90.5 in Chicago. Over the next 30 years, Rick Party would become a huge ratings success in cities such as New York, Chicago, Dallas, Atlanta and Miami, just to name a few.

In 2004, Rick Party took a much needed break to concentrate on his booming voiceover career where he’d go on to become the signature voice of BET for nearly a decade , promos for TV networks ABC, FOX, Cartoon Network, CBS, and the signature voice for many radio stations around the country. 9 years later, Rick Party received a call from HOT 105, a popular Miami radio station. After a year of ratings success, the Miami New Times chose Rick Party as Best FM Radio Personality. Party continued to host the #1 rated “Rick Party in the Afternoons” show for 5 years. In the spring of 2018, Party walked out on faith to make himself available for Nationally Syndicated Radio. “I’m looking forward to this next chapter in my life, which includes among others, a National Radio Syndication opportunity that awaits me,” said Party.

After leaving Miami radio, Rick Party teamed up with Kiss Atlanta’s Sasha The Diva. Four months later, this super duo became hosts of “Rick and Sasha,” a Nationally syndicated AM weekday show through Westwood One. Ready to take the world by storm by filling the need for a younger Urban AC show for this generation, the energetic and fresh duo is giving people what they want, “Real People, Real Radio.” Indeed, Rick Party has universally been viewed by industry experts as the next major national personality. Hence, it is no surprise the new radio program already has 20 plus markets claimed even before the national roll out.

Starting in Milford, Delaware and eventually graduating to Mornings and Middays in Baltimore, Maryland, Sasha paid her dues early on in her radio career before moving on to Atlanta. Now, Sasha the Diva is one of Atlanta’s most recognizable and successful radio personalities and overall brand ambassadors. Most recently on Cox’s Kiss 104 displaying commanding ratings for well over a decade, she recently left her evening drive post to pursue national syndication. When it came to endorsements at Kiss, she was consistently the number one radio personality in the entire company across all formats, commanding millions of dollars each year in sponsor ad revenue.

To truly appreciate and understand Sasha’s power/ success, one must get to know the courageous and inspirational Mom, Parent, Wife, Mentor, and Author. When Sasha’s personal life was turned upside down, had the courage to participate in a family intervention on OWN TV with renowned life coach Iyanla Vanzant’s “Fix My Life”. From her experience, Sasha wrote a book, “Blended But Not Broken”, where she shares her deeply personal struggles, tough lessons, and experiential advice for those lacking the understanding of dealing with stepfamily dynamics ( especially regarding stepchildren ). Sasha continues to use her platform to impact communities, mentoring teenage Mom’s, as well as helping the homeless and the elderly. In her own home life, Sasha supports two kids from her son who’s in jail, as well as takes care of her 75 year old mother and 94 year old grandmother. As a prelude to National Radio Syndication, Sasha was the nation’s Diva with her syndicated TV show “Makeover Manor”, airing on TV-One. Sasha’s love for TV and film led to appearances in several movies including “The Gospel” where she played a successful radio/television personality. She can also be seen playing the drug addicted mother of a teen poet in the drama ” Living With Faith”, as well as guest hosting on “UPN TV’s Atlanta’s Tonight”, and guest appearances on ”R&B Diva’s Atlanta” and “Real Housewives of Atlanta”.

Taking the initiative of pursuing her ultimate dream of radio syndication, Sasha sought out Rick Party and the rest of the story is about to be told. Their demo for an Urban AC Morning Show, which was nothing more than a 15 minute conversation, was played to several leading radio executives by agent/manager Gary Bernstein. The result was a syndication deal through Westwood One and a historic 20 plus radio markets already claimed prior to the launch date. Using the moniker “Real People, Real Radio, the “Rick and Sasha Show” will unleash a younger, dynamic, and more relatabl program super serving females 35-44.