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Dora Lewis

The Urban AG Report

The Urban AG Report, the voice of Urban Agriculture, delivers urban agriculture news, data, and trending information to listeners across the globe. The UAR highlights urban farming and technology to educate and inform people about the urban sector farming progression.


The Urban AG Report, the most reliable source for the latest News in Urban Agriculture, can now be heard daily on Sirius XM Rural Radio Channel 147 Rural Radio Operations Manager Terry Bello says, ” We are committed to providing the latest and most thought-provoking info on Urban Agriculture to our massive subscriber base of 35 million people. Thanks to the quality and integrity of the Urban AG Report, farmers, agriculturists, food producers, and others will have access to the most cutting-edge information to improve their business while discovering amazing things.”

Mike Jones, CEO of Fresh Communities Holdings Corporation, says, “Most Black and Brown communities are doing quite well in farming and food production, but their stories are never heard. This partnership will help highlight Urban farming and STEM Agriculture Technology while educating and informing tens of millions of listeners in this critical sector of our society.”

The Urban AG Report will be heard over 100 times weekly to over 25 million channel listeners via Rural Radio. Gary Bernstein, GM of the Urban Ag Report says, “We remain committed to urban agriculture’s growth and development. This type of powerful collaboration will spark new ideas and opportunities, attract corporate sponsorship, get government attention, and most importantly get discovered by consumers helping folks live happier and healthier lives.”

The Urban Ag Report, the voice of Urban Agriculture, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Fresh Communities Holding Corporation, creating partnerships and possibilities for today’s Urban Farmers and producers through STEM Agriculture technology innovations.

In addition to putting successful farmers from minority communities in the spotlight, the partnership between Urban AG Report and Sirius XM Rural Radio is expected to become a pathway for other community members to get into the industry and exploit its opportunities.

About Sirius XM Rural Radio Channel 147
Sirius XM Rural Radio Channel 147 is the authoritative source for rural lifestyle and agriculture. The channel is available to 35 million subscribers who listen in trucks, vehicles, tractors, and homes.