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Jenna Sousa



If anyone was born to do something, it was Jenna Sousa. By age 12, Jenna had won 27 consecutive talent competitions in her local area and amassed a number of impressive accomplishments. She wrote her first song at age five, her first book and movie by age 10, and even won a Disney Dance competition at age 11. Always the over achiever, she did all of this while maintaining a 5.0 GPA.

After posting her first video on YouTube at age 11, she single-handedly caused a global shockwave in the hip-hop community when Krayzie Bone of Bone Thugs and Harmony signed her to his label. “I’ve never seen anyone do what she does at her age in the studio,” Krayzie commented. It is no wonder she published her first song with Universal Music Group by the tender age of 12.

Now, at age 20, several industry tastemakers have nicknamed her “the machine” describing how quickly she can write and create quality songs and or melodies to tracks of all genres. Having the vocal power and flexibility to create music of the same quality – or even better – than her idols Beyoncé, Rihanna, Christina Aguilera, and Nicki Minaj, she was quickly able to amass several million YouTube views and tens of thousands of subscribers. She quickly caught the attention of Grammy-Award winning producer and legendary vocal coach Kuk Harell, who placed Jenna in his top 5 “Who’s next Internet Search.” After Cher Lloyd showed some love on one of Jenna’s YouTube covers, everything changed and the girl with the biggest voice from the smallest state was no longer a secret!

Several leading industry figures/labels have tried to sign Jenna. Instead, she has decided to fine tune her craft and is in the studio with International Show penning her first album. Jenna hit the studio with the likes of Rockwilder, Cirocco Jones and Simon Morel among others, and quickly found her writing stride while simultaneously impressing some of the most difficult tastemakers in the industry. Music Powers author Cirocco Jones commented,” A talent like Jenna comes around once every decade and or once a Jenna-ration! She has the complete package: writing, singing, dancing, and acting.”

Jenna describes her music as Pop/ R&B Urban served up with a touch of Hip-Hop. She writes about love, self-empowerment, and fun. “The main thing I want to do is to inspire others not only through music, but personally. I want the message of my songs to be able to connect to people and have it help them through the hard times, just as it does for me. I want people to be able to listen to the lyrics and get chills because it connects to their life in some way.” This is Jenna’s dream.

Her current Vocal Coach Nick Cooper was so impressed by her vocal prowess that he penned her in for his upcoming Future Mega star TV special. Because Jenna is able to connect her voice with a stunning performance piece, she is able to deliver a mesmerizing performance. Headlining ‘Reality Dance Summer Jam’ recently in Philadelphia and New York, Jenna flawlessly recreated the Beyoncé Half-time Super Bowl show and received the best review for her self-choreographed performance. Already earning the recognition of being on the National Hip-Hop dance team, Jenna opened up for X Factor’s David Correy as well as YouTube personality Christian Beadles.

Most recently, Jenna was featured on EDM superstar Bassnectar’s song ‘Future,’ which she both wrote and sang on. Today, Jenna is on thousands of websites. She has over 21,800 subscribers with over 3,700,000 channel views on YouTube and climbing every hour. Quite frankly, this is the beginning of a remarkable journey. With the combination of Jenna’s powerful voice, writing ability, acting and modeling prowess, this rising star truly has the complete package and it is all earmarked for the building of a new and much needed JENNA-ration of meaningful and lasting entertainment brands.