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Dora Lewis

Bonita Buccaneers Win Samantha J Cheerleader Contest

The local cheerleading crew entered and won a Z-90/Magic 92.5 Instagram Contest and you will see the results as part of this fun video we put together which features the winning cheerleaders on stage with Samantha, Qualcomm Stadium, and some of San Diego’s incredible low riders and classic cars.
The Lady Bucs team has 17 cheerleaders on the squad, all coming from different backgrounds. They were often called the underdogs, but they recently took first place in the very hard red division. Their next challenge is hopefully heading to Nationals in Florida.
Samantha J, the 18-year old singing sensation from Jamaica, took some time off from recording her album in Los Angeles with the legendary Redone, to headline our charity event, Cruise for the Cause. Samantha was a major hit with the local cheerleaders and the fans of both Z90 and Magic 92.5, but she was most excited about helping those kids that really need it. Samantha says, “I want to encourage all my J’s to get involved with my friends at the Emilio Nares Foundation. Click on and find out how you can help. The goal of the foundation is to assist families with children who are battling childhood leukemia and other forms of childhood cancer. I need all my J’s who are always so supportive of me to also help out with such a worthy cause.”

A special shoutout to Nan Grenier and Norma Medina of Classic Filmworks right here in San Diego for helping us capture this amazing video. They were so by gracious with their time, and as you can see, they have mad skills!

You can learn more about Samantha J at