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Dora Lewis

Introducing Jenna Sousa

We’re excited to welcome Jenna Sousa to the Oceanic Tradewinds family!

“If anyone was born to do something, it was Rhode Island native Jenna Sousa. By age 12, Jenna had won 27 consecutive talent competitions around the New England area and amassed a number of impressive accomplishments. She wrote her first song at age five, her first book and movie by age 10, and even won a Disney Dance competition at age 11. Always the over achiever, she did all of this while maintaining a 5.0 GPA.

Jenna describes her music as Pop/ R&B Urban served up with a touch of Hip-Hop. She writes about love, self-empowerment, and fun. “The main thing I want to do is to inspire others not only through music, but personally. I want the message of my songs to be able to connect to people and have it help them through the hard times, just as it does for me. I want people to be able to listen to the lyrics and get chills because it connects to their life in some way.” This is Jenna’s dream.

Most recently, Jenna was featured on EDM superstar Bassnectar’s song ‘Future,’ which she both wrote and sang on. Today, Jenna is on thousands of websites. She has over 21,800 subscribers with over 3,700,000 channel views on YouTube and climbing every hour. Quite frankly, this is the beginning of a remarkable journey. With the combination of Jenna’s powerful voice, writing ability, acting and modeling prowess, this rising star truly has the complete package and it is all earmarked for the building of a new and much needed JENNA-ration of meaningful and lasting entertainment brands.”

Meet Jenna Sousa