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Dora Lewis

Monie Love Joins Cox’s WALR Atlanta For Afternoon Drive


May 21, 2019 – Very few individuals have the overall resume that Monie Love boasts. She is both a music/entertainment and radio icon. Starting with Radio, Monie has 20 plus years winning on the biggest stations in the country including HOT 97 in NYC, Power 105.1 in NYC, Radio One Philly and Iheart’s Power 99 in Philly, Sirius XM with the Ladies First Show, and most recently a National Syndication platform with Ed Lover on 25 plus stations. On her other stages, Monie is still a touring Artist extraordinaire with her roots coming from the UK embracing hip hop culture where she was notably the first Brit female rapper to score a major label deal . She also received two Grammy Nominations while on Warner.

So Kiss Atlanta gets a “Monie in the Middle of Radio and Music” with her focus firmly back on radio! Look for Monie Love in the PM Drive Slot from 2pm to 7pm starting immediately and let’s call this a coup for Cox as they do battle in the ultra-competitive Urban radio wars in Atlanta. Monie is represented by Agent Gary Bernstein and Attorney Vincent Dimmock.

#PressFeature • Hip-Hop Legend Monie Love ( @darealmonielove ) takes over Kiss 104.1 Afternoon Slot. Here are few websites the news has been featured on; URBANINSITE.COMRAMP247.COMNEWS.RADIO-ONLINE.COMAJC.COM and COXMEDIAGROUP.COM.  #monielove #OceanicTradewinds